Problem 1: Guilt, Repentance and Perfectionism

One of my earliest religious memories is of turning eight years old. I remember that people told me that once I was baptized, my sins would be washed away, and I would be clean.

I was a perfectionist even then, and at that moment my perfectionism mixed with my religion. After being baptized, I didn’t want to ever be unclean again. Continue reading “Problem 1: Guilt, Repentance and Perfectionism”


Problem 2: Surety vs. Mystery

Many people who have left the church express relief that they no longer feel obligated to believe in “absolute truths” or that they have “all the answers.” It is, in effect, refreshing to look at the world and say “I don’t know the answers, and I’m OK with that.” It relieves a mental burden of upholding a belief in invisible things that was difficult to maintain—and often a cause of inner conflict. A regained sense of mystery also feels exhilarating.  Continue reading “Problem 2: Surety vs. Mystery”

Problem 4: Loving God vs. Loving Yourself

Have you ever found that religious people are sometimes difficult to connect with? That they have some internal barrier that seems impossible to breach? That they are rigid and lack spontaneity? Continue reading “Problem 4: Loving God vs. Loving Yourself”

Is my story worth your time?

Many people leave The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints over spiritual, philosophical and psychological dilemmas that on this blog I will call “problems.” It seems that many of these people are eager to tell their story to the world. Many express feelings of liberation, a new appreciation for themselves as individuals, and a feeling of relief that they no longer are compelled to believe that they have “all the answers.” These stories, which most of the time I respect very deeply, got me thinking: what is my story? Continue reading “Is my story worth your time?”

Pioneers of the Mind

I just wanted to quickly share a thought about the First Presidency message from this month. President Monson reminds us in his message that as Latter-day Saints, we are all pioneers. To me, we are pioneers in part because we are often going to spiritual places that no one has gone before. Continue reading “Pioneers of the Mind”